Jackweld specialises in developing innovative hard technology solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have a highly experienced team of technicians, engineers and metallurgists, and extensive experience designing and making the machines to carry out these processes at the manufacturing level.

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Who we are

The Jackweld team started as a small team of technicians and engineers in the 1980’s to improve the machinery and processes in the manufacture of prestressed precast concrete. This involved numerous ground breaking innovations, such as through the tendon heating to accelerate the turn around of the plant and increase productivity, which were seen through to successful practical implementation in the factory. The team continued to work as a group of associates for a number of years, and worked on equipment and support to elements of the Army. The group was formed into Jackweld in 2007 to set up an industrial group for the investigation of the practical implementation of hydro-pillar welding as a manufacturing process. Following on from this work, the team have been involved in a number of research and development projects with Horizon 2022 and Innovate UK. Jackweld has a core team of experts in a range of fields, and works for a number of industrial partners.


Jackweld have pioneered a number of technologies such as new methods to monitor the curing of concrete, vibrationless orbital friction welding, and coupling devices for high speed ultrasonic NDT scanning of metals and composite structures.

Problem solving

Our business is based around problem solving, by developing cost effective and low risk routes to deliver solutions. 

Innovation, sustainability, reducing environmental impact and CO2.

Our vision is that properly directed, innovation to improve productivity and cost effectiveness go hand in hand with improved sustainability, and reduction in environmental impact and CO2 footprint. We are currently basic research on a number of innovative technologies focused on precisely thee aims:
•New ways to recycle swarf, which reduces costs, reduces CO2 reduces environmental impact and improves sustainability.
•Improved light alloy casting processes.
•Other technologies include the improvement of naturally sourced raw materials to enhance their performance and durability, and technologies for isomer separation. Basic research, modelling, analysis and investigations may take a number of years before it moves into practical trials.

Collaborative research and development

The Jackweld team are working with industrial partners developing new hard technologies and the associated process machinery, and includes highly qualified and experienced engineers and technologists in areas such as metallurgy, welding, rotating machinery, journal design, oil seal design, structural engineering, production engineering, optimising design for machining and tolerances, 3D modelling for prediction and optimisation, finite element and computational flow analysis, hydraulics, machine control etc

 ​Research and development

We have long standing working relationships with a number of industrial partners in the manufacturing sector, and carrying out basic R&D to identify opportunities for improving manufacturing processes. 

Technology, design and innovation.

Jackweld has pioneered several  innovative hard manufacturing processes. This ialso includes designing and developing various ground breaking machine technologies to implement the processes. 


With our experienced team and industrial partners, are able to work with external clients offering an economical and low risk service, integrating the various disciplines needed to deliver practical solutions. 

E2E OFW End 2 End Orbital Friction Welding

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