Welcome to Jackweld, your go-to engineering design consultancy that specializes in the development and design of innovative processes, mechanical components, and machinery for the industry. Our expertise doesn't stop there; we also excel in crafting groundbreaking machinery that paves the way for fresh industrial processes. At Jackweld, we go beyond providing services – we partner with you to revolutionize your industry.

Who we are

Since its inception in the 1980s, our collective has been dedicated to offering technical solutions for a myriad of industrial challenges, initially focusing on the local industries. Originating as a technical cooperative, we collaboratively worked with numerous local businesses and proficient engineers, thus contributing to the industry's technical development.

Our initial success was seen in the enhancement of machinery utilized for precast and extruded concrete production, addressing significant manufacturing issues. The subsequent projects saw us pioneering productivity-boosting innovations like the inception of concrete heating through tendon resistance.

Originally composed of a close-knit group of associates and numerous industrial partners, we benefited from direct access to high-grade machining and engineering facilities. Primarily, our work was concentrated on servicing the companies within our group.

However, in the early 2000s, our structure evolved, and we were formally incorporated. This significant move allowed us to extend our services beyond our group, facilitating technical collaborations with external entities, including The Welding Institute.

Over the years, we've expanded our reach, undertaking developmental work for numerous organizations across the UK and EU. Our portfolio of work includes transducer coupling systems, bespoke friction welding machines, and more.In recent years, we've continued to grow and innovate, dedicating significant resources towards the development of new processes. For instance, over the past three years, we've invested in excess of 300 man-hours in advancing aluminium alloy processing techniques.

Continuing in this vein, we persist in our commitment to both internal development and contributing to broader industrial progression, maintaining our position at the forefront of technical solutions.


Jackweld have pioneered a number of technologies such as through-the stressed-tendon heat accelerated curing of pre cast concrete, new methods to monitor the curing of concrete, vibrationless orbital friction welding, and coupling devices for high speed ultrasonic NDT scanning of metals and composite structures.

Problem solving

Our business is problem solving, developing cost effective and low risk routes to deliver solutions. 

Innovation, sustainability, reducing environmental impact and CO2.

Our vision is that properly directed, innovation can deliver greater productivity and cost effectiveness, and at the same time improving sustainability and reducing both the environmental impact and the CO2 footprint. 

Technology, design and innovation.

Jackweld stands as a pioneer in advanced hard manufacturing processes, leading the industry with our unique and groundbreaking machine technologies. As leaders in the evolution of industrial processes, we continually engage in core R&D to pinpoint opportunities for problem-solving and to enhance manufacturing operations.

Our experienced team, boasting expertise in areas such as metallurgy, welding, rotating machinery design and production, journals, oil seals, structural and production engineering, design optimization, and tolerance analysis, fuels our innovation. Moreover, we extend our proficiency to 3D modeling, finite element analysis, vibration and computational flow analysis, hydraulics, and machine control, amplifying our diverse suite of capabilities.

Our long-standing collaborations with numerous engineering partners testify to our reliability and commitment. Here at Jackweld, we don't just develop cutting-edge machine technologies; we redefine the future of industrial processes.


Our team comprise highly qualified and experienced engineers and technologists in areas such as metallurgy, welding, rotating machinery, journal design, oil seal design, structural engineering, production engineering, optimising design for machining and tolerances, 3D modelling for prediction and optimisation, finite element and computational flow analysis, hydraulics, machine control etc

Technology, design and innovation.

Jackweld has pioneered several  innovative hard manufacturing processes. This ialso includes designing and developing various ground breaking machine technologies to implement the processes. 


With our experienced team and industrial partners, are able to work with external clients offering an economical and low risk service, integrating the various disciplines needed to deliver practical solutions. 

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Orbital Friction Welding

Ultrasonic Transducers.

A number of transducer coupling devices have been developed for specific applications, for example long term monitoring of rails, testing aircraft wiring loom bundles for insulation defects, and high speed scanning of composite airframes and keeping mine processing valves clean.

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