Surface Engineering Adhesion Technology

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  • Adhesion
  • Release
  • (Bio) - Molecular Immobilisation
  • Superhydrophobicity

Enabling surface functionalization
through atmospheric plasma

Our technology enables the use of a wide range of precursor molecules in a atmospheric plasma allowing you to design customized surface functionalities ranging from adhesion, release functionalities, tunable super-hydrophobicity up to anchoring of biomolecules onto any substrate.

Injection and control of a range of gases to provide a choice of reactivity levels (N2, O2, Ar, He, Ammonia mixtures, etc.)
Injection and control of various precursors in the plasma enabling functionalization of the treated surface (gases, liquids, a mix of liquids, colloidal suspensions, etc.)
This unique combination provides functionalization with high retention of functional groups as the integrity of the chemical precursors introduced in our system is maintained.

Continuous Fiber Treatment

Double-spot set-up (based on PlasmaSpot process)
Universal for any type of fiber
Freedom to choose plasma gas and precursor type
Homogeneous plasma, no intense plasma streamers caused by fiber fragments

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